About Me

Hi, My name is Siggy.

This is my entertainment blog where I cover whatever fancies my interest. I tend to write long posts and take forever to do so, forcing a lack of updates over time. But, I’ll keep updating as long as I feel it is fun. Which it still is as of the writing of this.

A little bit about myself:
I’m currently studying chemistry at Rutgers University. I enjoy playing video games, particularly fighting games and other skill based games, such as Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Tetris: The Grandmaster.

I greatly enjoy Japanese entertainment, particularly Japanese music and idols. My favorite singer is Hamasaki Ayumi, group is Morning Musume, and (non-H!P) idol at the moment is Koike Rina. I also enjoy other aspects of Japanese entertainment such as their comedy, tokusatsu shows and other fun and interesting things.

This is the original logo for Conflict Productions. Blue and yellow were good colors that mixed to green, which I felt mixed enough to actually produce the opposite effect of Conflict. I thought of all of this after I made the logo though XD

The name “Conflict Productions” actually comes from the logo above I used to mark my art in drawings back in junior high school. In high school I went the extra step and added copyright to my unnamed watermark. I originally wanted a name that sounded official and business like. Adding “Productions” to the end of something sounded very business like. The “Conflict”, I don’t clearly remember where it came from, but I know I decided on at least using a C word. By the time I realized my initials could be fused into an X it seemed even more attractive to split my initials into two opposing arrows. The two opposing arrows formed my initials and it occurred to me that the way they pointed away from each other it seemed conflicting. And there, Conflict Productions was born!


3 responses

13 08 2009

Hey, checked out your site to see what it’s like. Looks good!

You can visit me on NyNyOnline! if you want

20 10 2009

And then, the castle inverts.

5 04 2012

I love tetris but you’d most likely beat me =P…Mm Street Fighter, i’m more of a Tekken~girl but anytime a girl kicks a guys butt it find it、..(。ーωー。)♪ On screen though of course =P….you write freely and i can relate~♥.

Oh I’m a Hamasaki but sadly no relation to Ayu (。p_q) 。Nice to meet~* you.

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