14sai no Haha

16 02 2009

Over the past 2 weeks in addition to school and the such, I was watching J-drama and neglecting my blog. Well… not that I already neglect my blog to begin with. So I randomly got ahold of 14sai no Haha and noticed that one of the supporting characters was Kitamura Kazuki. If anyone around is a fan of J-drama, Kitamura was the evil villian in the Densha Otoko DX special as well as the ongoingly awesome antagonist in akihabara@deep. I enjoyed those two dramas very much and decided I would watch 14sai for the hell of it to see what he would be like in it.

This is just a quick review, and there are spoilers if you read on. For the spoiler-less version just don’t click “read more”.


The story is about an average 14 year old who winds up pregnant and how she deals with the consequences of such. That’s the story in one sentence basically. There’s drama to be had with the whole “father” and actually “having” the baby. Obviously, for the sake of drama it’s not an 11 episode drama about abortion. It’s not really a spoiler about her decision to keep the baby, more like a sensible one. But how she makes her decisions and how she deals with it is the drama.

I enjoyed it. And I do have some nitpicks but it was enjoyable. It didn’t make me flood my room with tears like 1Litre did but it was really heartfelt. I liked most of the actor/resses and the music was excellent. I’m quite satisfied with watching the drama and felt the time I wasted instead of doing homework was well spent ^_^; If you haven’t watched it already and are interested in J-dramas about sad/controversial topics, then give this one a try. It really was quite good!

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