6 03 2008

So I had the privelege of playing Brawl yesterday.

The game feels weird since I’m too used to Melee you know…I only played for an hour so I can’t really say much.

So first, character impressions:

  • Olimar: I like him. I have to cope with the range since I’m not too sure about it so I generally end up missing and mistiming. Unique moves and somewhat unique playstyle. I just don’t like getting edgehogged…
  • Peach: I will most likely main her again. Her forwardB is so nice now since it works faster and moves farther. Most of her moves are the same though. Her dash attack is 2-hit and pushes out. Dair kept moving ppl pretty far, so the DI on that is not that good for me. Fair is nearly the same, I think less range. Bair seems a little better, more knockback. I don’t think I did nairs and uairs to notice. They cut off her 2nd jump so now it’s a normal jump. Turnips are bigger, but don’t bounce and you can catch through an attack. So I have to learn how to use her in a different way now…
  • DeDeDe: Interesting. He doesn’t feel as slow as Bowser does to me, but he still is slow. I couldn’t do much getting comboed to death by Zero Suit Samus though.
  • Samus: Feels very different from melee. Still floaty and whatnot, I don’t think her moves are that great anymore since I can’t L-cancel. Her Super missile is actually a Super missile from the Metroid games now, haha. Bombs look funny and the bomb jumping itself is odd.
  • Lucario: Seems Mewtwo-ish but not really. He looks good actually, but I just need to get used to his attacks.
  • Toon Link: Feels like Young Link but no more kick attacks. Nair is like a swipe left and right, and bair is basically fair behind. His arrows dont seem to experience gravity or maybe I just didn’t use it uncharged. It’s nice to see the Wind Waker effects though oh and his voice.
  • ROB: I actually won with him since I had a vague idea of how to use him after watching some of Chibo’s videos, haha. I missed like 10 usmash until I finally got the last one that got me the victory. He’s fun to use, has some cool attacks that somewhat stall dropping.
  • Fox: God, I feel so slow without being able to L-cancel and wavedash… Seems like he’s a little bit weaker now to balance the difference between Wolf.
  • Falco: They gave him new moves, which is good. He doesn’t have that goddang spike or at least not as good as it used to be. But he felt somewhat fresh to use since he has those new moves. His firebird goes like nowhere…
  • Wolf: Feels like a heavy hitting Fox. He’s not even that slow either. But his moves are so exaggerated.

Gameplay wise

  • Everything feels slower. Good thing? Reminds me a lot more of a ramped up Smash 64. Even though it’s slower combos still work.
  • Air dodge. I kept mistiming my techs, cause I’m still used to Melee. So I airdodged a lot. It didn’t work as well as I thought it would, I swear I airdodged but most of the time I’d get hit anyway…
  • Edges. God this annoys me. The action of grabbing the edge looks so slow, feels so slow… Plus when using Olimar it kinda kills me…
  • Grabs. Different from Melee, but I seldom comboed out of it. But they do seem to be stronger now.
  • Life.Everyone seems to live a lot longer now. I killed Ike at 212%, that’s… a lot. Though his fsmash killed me at 80% haha.
  • No L-cancels. No wavedash. Float cancel, check!

Did I forget anything else? I will report more when I get more playtime!