2009 Year End Hello! Project Rankings

27 12 2009

As a mark for me I’d like to remember this year as this year is one of the more important years in Hello! Project history. As far as I can remember I may have lightly sprinkled a ranking before, but I have never really solidified my rankings. And I would like to see year by year, through major developments and small subtle influences, how my rankings differ. Since becoming a fan of Hello! Project, many things have changed, many people have come and gone, and my likes and dislikes have varied.

Hello! Project after Elder Club had graduated in February

As for the year 2009, the collective group known as “Wonderful Hearts” was made the real core of Hello! Project with the mass graduation of Elder Club. As we see above, the core consists of Morning Musume (9), Berryz Koubou (7),    C-ute (7) and Mano Erina. That’s a grand total of 24 girls. Quite amazing to think that the core of Hello! Project is actually now 21 girls...

This year Berryz Koubou is the only group that hasn’t seen any change in members. C-ute was silently dropped to 6 girls soon after FOREVER LOVE. Kanna was later officially announced as resigned. Erika graduated in October. Finally, Koharu graduated earlier this month dropping Morning Musume down to 8 girls. This makes for a grand total of 21 girls in Hello! Project (excluding Eggs).

So here we are read more for my rankings for Hello! Project as of December 2009.

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Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008

7 11 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008 Concert. And boy, it was a joy to watch. I could write about everything but that would be such a long boring post. So I will simply write highlights and my most important thoughts regarding the concert in general. And of course I include pictures for fear that it would be too boring of a post otherwise (which come on… we all know it would be).

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Miyabi Scandal!!!

4 06 2008

A couple days ago the internet presented us with pictures and even video of Natsuyaki Miyabi of Berryz Koubou and Buono! fame, apparently embracing some guy. Some guy has since been identified as Inoo Kei (I apologize if I mispell the names) of Hey! Say! JUMP.

So I’m sure this has been written everywhere else as far as Berryz Koubou’s infamous member, Natsuyaki Miyabi, is concerned. But I’ll put in my 2 cents about it and report it.

Miyabi scandal pictures

Only recently, in the past month or two have I gotten into the H!P Kids groups that are C-ute and Berryz Koubou. I knew a while ago, I had a small softspot for the two tall freak of natures that are complete underdogs. Actually I couldn’t tell them apart, so I believe I had a small crush on one girl which I may have confused as two. Anyway that is for another post.

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