2009 Year in Review

31 12 2009

As it is the end of year, I take this time to reflect on all that I can remember about this year. There’s no way I can remember the sheer amount of things that happen over the course of like 350+ days unless it sticks out. And this will be an overview of what stuck out for me. The review is separated into early winter, spring, summer and fall/winter seasons. Long post, but that’s only because I have a lot to say about some things and I like writing a lot. By the by, those links sprinkled here and there are links to the relevant post I made over this year.

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Song of the Week 010 – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

19 02 2009

Well, I accidentally fell asleep and left my torrent on so my internet is going to get banned for a couple days. But that’s perfect, I suppose, considering I have exams and stuff to study for. This week, I thought long (roughly 10 minutes) and hard (I kept repeating the track before it would stop) about this week’s song. To celebrate the release of Buono! 2 this song of the week will be a song from there. To tell you the truth, I’m being really lazy and getting rid of my review for one of the tracks XD. This week’s song is Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! by Buono. Read the rest of this entry »

Song of the Week 009 – Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi

9 02 2009

Alas, I write a post! I am alive. To tell you the truth, I wanted to write but just didn’t for most of today. Well, I should say yesterday, since it is now Monday. I have a class in a little less than 7 hours. But I’m staying up listening to a live audio feed of COT4 since my roommate is there and he’s STILL in the running, so I feel like being a good roommate and listening and cheering him on. I know that has nothing to do with the song of this week. So without further adieu, this song is a song I’ve just been listening to a lot lately.

Buono’s “Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi” has been playing on repeat on Winamp a lot, over the past couple days.

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Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008

7 11 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008 Concert. And boy, it was a joy to watch. I could write about everything but that would be such a long boring post. So I will simply write highlights and my most important thoughts regarding the concert in general. And of course I include pictures for fear that it would be too boring of a post otherwise (which come on… we all know it would be).

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