Refreshing Summer

15 07 2011

I actually just finished summer classes last week.           I wonder what these girls are like in school, for real.

School’s out! Summer has come, which can only mean one thing. Heat, absolute heat. It’s a hallmark of summer. I will come out and say that I am a person paranoid of extreme temperatures and significant changes in temperature. In fact, I highly dislike summer. I have a multitude of reasons why.


It’s hot, it’s too hot.

Fans are useful

And then when it rains, it hails instead or knocks out all your electronics because it’s a thunderstorm instead. Also there are too many tourists. I live in a city with 12 casinos! Just imagine the amount of tourists. What’s more, I live in a city next to the beach. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why Siggy, why don’t you just go to the beach and have a nice day?”

I would always go to the beach if this were the case.

“Why, I mean you can do all sorts of fun stuff at the beach like:

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to surf?              I would surf with Takahashi anytime...

Lounging around, sun-tanning,
Sun-tanning Sun-tanning the back
This would make me want to go to the beach... yep
Playing with balls.    God this is so hot.

Well I hear what you’re saying. But I have to admit, I’ve been to the beach several times and there’s nothing like this there. What’s more I don’t like how the sand gets all over you. Now I won’t show you what my beach is actually like because I’m ashamed of it, so we’ll just say bye to the beach.

“Well Siggy, what about the water? You could go swimming in a pool, there’s no sand there!”

Swim Nakky!

Why aren't the workers at my local pool like Airi?

I could but I happen to also be hydrophobic. I’m afraid of large bodies of water and I can’t swim. What a terrible fate to live on an island and be unable to swim. Alas, such is my fate. Makes one wonder how I’ll be able to one day live the trip to Japan. But I’ll wait for when the time comes in regards to that.

International Wota Summer Refreshment Program

Honestly, I don’t like the beach probably because I’m so used to it after living two blocks away from it for years. But I love my idols associated with the above. Who doesn’t? I mean, Airi and Takahashi  and ugh so good. As I had mentioned before I was interested in doing the Intlwota Summer Refreshment Program and here is my post sponsored by Intlwota. Read on for long long passages of text outlining the conspiracy about idols and summer.

Just kidding, read on for a fun summery article on something that I’ve noticed. Which really means it’s a conspiracy.

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Hello! STORE!!! USA

10 10 2009

I wish I could say I knew it was coming, but I certainly didn’t. I was quite surprised at the announcement of Hello! Store USA a while back. But I was determined to check it out and buy something to support my favorite girls. So about a week ago, was the midnight opening (PST) of Hello! Store USA. And I waited for it… to 3am in EST…

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Airi + Yo-Yo’s = <3

22 04 2009

I was bored and didn’t want to study so…

My friend showed me a picture of Reon Kadena (go look her up) which coincidentally looked a lot like a yo-yo picture I was looking at.

So I got this GREAT idea!

Airicandy in itself was already like an evolution of eyecandy (Lv 25)

Now this… Airicandy relating to yo-yo eyecandy… it’s like a fusion of 2 of my favorite things! For those who don’t know, I’m a fan of yo-yoing and also like to (even though it puts a great dent in my wallet) collect rare and pretty yo-yos. The pictures ahead are of my own personal collection. Don’t know how many other yo-yoing enthusiasts there are out there… but believe me they are pretty!

So without further ado, picspam!

 S7301009 Speeder-1

YoYoJam Speeder
I don’t have caps on it and it has some battlescars, but it used to be one of my mains.

img20090418112811928 img200904181129091img20090304135026152 

Airi Speeder
To be honest, the hotpants combined with the top are what really make her outfit resemble my Speeder. But I like these pics ^_^


Agent Orange Fade Project-1 S7301067

OneDrop YoYo’s Agent Orange Fade Project
This is a very rare yo-yo. Though I no longer have it, I still have some pictures. It was hard if not impossible to find pictures that would match this.
So a little imagination and appreciation is needed.


img20090409121848494 img20090413065626636 img200902151648212 img20090418112459865 img20090215162933736 img200904181128223

Airi Project!
I included the Buono 2 pics because I LOVE her hair.
Who cares if it doesn’t match the pic. Airicandy is good in any flavor ^o^.


Aquarius S7301031

YoYoJam Aquairus
The rims are a bit yellow, they were originally white…


img20090416075652651 img20090402134154564 img20090419142344923 img20090416075520273

Whoot! Bye Bye Bye and Sakura Chirari.
I love Sakura Chirari, I listen to the first 30 seconds over and over again just because of Airi ❤


Meteor S7301024

YoYoJam Meteor
One of my favorite yo-yos produced by one of my favorite yo-yoers, Mickey!


 img20090409140531721 img20090320170211img20090322025922683

Airi meteor
She’s 3x cuter than a regular C-ute member (points if anyone gets the reference)
It was hard to find her in something that matched the magenta of my Meteor…


Skyline, Eyes of the Tiger Skyline, Eyes of the Tiger-1

YoYoFactory Skyline, Eye of the Tiger special edition
This is a rare edition of the Skyline that is in orange, my favorite color!


img20090315144348991 img20081223122840214 img20081118213107403 img20090105121009381 img20090110141810973img20090418112708065 img2009040611320816 

Airi Skyline
I would love to see a skyline of Airi. I love her Rottara Rottara outfit!


Freehand Zero Freehand Zero-1

Duncan Freehand Zero
Hand painted and modded by Takeshi


img20090314155155868  img20090413065709764img20090105135849563

Free Airi Zero?
I love that princess picture. So cute.


Plastic Grind Machine S7301098

YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine
Two colors!

img20090316193426728 img20090316193420756 img20090409134609788 img20081128074526002 img20090409125603968 img20090413065757957 img20090409124744675 img20090406152205086

Airi Grind Machine
LOL… I can’t believe I just wrote that… ughhh clean thoughts, clean thoughts…


S7301112 S7301115

SPYY Pistolero
This is the beta release for a very special and beautiful yo-yo. Just look at it…

img20090301152609495 img20081224053549182 img20081118213045414 img20090225113416495 img20090305181243764 img20081220031927067 img20090106103229698 img20090127134050724

Geez, these names are starting to get weird…


S7301146 S7301144

44:recreation Stargazer
This yo-yo is amazing… outperforms all of my other yo-yos… precious >w<

img20090329171143902 img20090301152522676img20090416075145871 img20090416075201275

Something we all certainly are for making it this far into the post.
Massara Blue Jeans!!!

That was fun… I burnt like an hour preparing this…

Geez… got to go back to studying… ugh.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Airi!!!