2009 Year in Review

31 12 2009

As it is the end of year, I take this time to reflect on all that I can remember about this year. There’s no way I can remember the sheer amount of things that happen over the course of like 350+ days unless it sticks out. And this will be an overview of what stuck out for me. The review is separated into early winter, spring, summer and fall/winter seasons. Long post, but that’s only because I have a lot to say about some things and I like writing a lot. By the by, those links sprinkled here and there are links to the relevant post I made over this year.

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NO!!! ERIKA!!!

3 08 2009

So this news was brought to my attention in an extremely anticlimactic way. First I noticed that the subject of the night at wotachat was Erika, when I was scrolling by what I missed during the night. I ignored that, and then noticed much later what it was really about, thanks to the Wotachat subject line.

For those who don’t already know? And who doesn’t? Our lovely Umeda Erika has been slated for graduation from C-ute and officially all of Hello! Project on the last day of their concert tour for this coming fall, October 25th.


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