2009 Year in Review

31 12 2009

As it is the end of year, I take this time to reflect on all that I can remember about this year. There’s no way I can remember the sheer amount of things that happen over the course of like 350+ days unless it sticks out. And this will be an overview of what stuck out for me. The review is separated into early winter, spring, summer and fall/winter seasons. Long post, but that’s only because I have a lot to say about some things and I like writing a lot. By the by, those links sprinkled here and there are links to the relevant post I made over this year.

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[Review] Wonder Girls – Nobody

6 10 2008

I want nobody nobody but you.

I’ll take Sun Ye, Ye Eun, or Yoo Bin ^_^.

Let’s have a quick review of Nobody shall we? The single is released but I can’t quite find good pictures of it so I have no pictures for this sadly… T_T But here goes my review.

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[REVIEW] Wonder Girls – So Hot

8 06 2008

Leaked cover for Wonder Girls new single, \\

Artist: Wonder Girls

Release Date: June 3rd, 2008

Genre: Korean Pop

Label: Loen Entertainment

Format: CD

The Wonder Girls are back with their comeback hit after the “Tell Me” phenomenon that roared through Korea last fall. So, how does their new single which practically been in the making for half a year, stack compared to their trademark song? Heaven knows I actually like Tell Me (it took me a couple months though for me to actually really like it)

So what do I think of it after listening to it through a couple of times giving each track fair listening? Well, read more to find out.

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More Hot Stuff

23 05 2008

Wonder Girls are really hot right about now on the internet. I know because I had a random surge of traffic generated from my review of the PV. No one commented though ><

So here’s some more hot stuff for all you hungry WG fans.

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JYP! Wonder Girls are back!

23 05 2008

JYP! and the Wonder Girls are back!

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re back and they’re So Hot. Literally… it’s the name of their new single. Read more for impressions and some screens of their new PV for it.

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Wonder Girls

16 02 2008

I have a great tendency to OCD over things. About a week or two ago my focus shifted on the relatively new Korean girl group, Wonder Girls. So nowadays I listen to a bunch of Wonder Girls song while I pathetically try to go to sleep or write an expos paper and watch a bunch of random clips and whatnot too. Hell, Sun Ye (the leader) is in my banner right now.

Wonder Girls

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