3D Idols

19 02 2011

3D viewing technology has been around for a long time. We all have eyes (unless one is closed off or is heavily impaired) and hence have the ability to view the world around us in three dimensions. Our eyes can simultaneously see how tall people appear to be…

She is TALL and I LOVE her for thatOur eyes can also judge how wide people may appear to be…

No lie, Hello! Online made me pick this, I am not bashing on Risako on purpose ^_~You may see these pictures and perceive height and length. Well, some people call it length and width. Whichever you like. What we cannot readily perceive is depth. The third component which completes our perception. Take the below picture. It is a 2-dimensional image, after all you are most likely viewing this on your computer monitor or a mobile phone. The sense of depth that you have somehow tricked yourself into perceiving is due to optical subtleties such as foreground versus background or shadows.I wonder how tall Momo is compared to YaguchiBut what if we could indeed see these images in 3D without actually being the cameraman and taking these pictures ourselves? Read on for my take on the recent trend of 3D entertainment.

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15 02 2010

Toisu! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Also happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you’re having a great V-day like myself sitting at home going through the piles of work I have. But if you’re actually having a good time, that’s great to hear. I usually don’t really celebrate Valentines Day but this year I had a special treat for myself on Valentines Day (for all intents and purposes 2/13 will be V-day for me this year). And yes, I treat myself due to the fact that I can’t accept chocolates (allergic) and usually have no prospective love interest to really celebrate Hallmark Day.

The other night I had the pleasure of seeing POLYSICS live at the Blender Theatre at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. For those who may not know of POLYSICS, they are a new wave rock Japanese band. They are well known for their crazy antics and eccentric costumes and songs. But that’s one of the reasons why I love them, they have such originality and great music.

POLYSICS OR DIE!!!Kayo, the multi-talented keyboardist, vocoder, vocals, synthesizer, bassist, has announced that she will be leaving the band. It has been about two years in the making. I first heard this news on December 24th, so at the time I thought it was a horrible Christmas present as that would’ve killed my chance of ever meeting her. But lo and behold they embarked on an American tour for January and February. They performed on February 13th in New York City and I was there. Because I had to see Kayo before she left. Read more for my night in the Big Apple with POLYSICS.

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5th Year H!P Anniversary

16 01 2010

Throughout the latter part of my life I have seen many people celebrate anniversaries. So for today, I will indulge in celebrating an anniversary, to be more exact my 5th year anniversary of being a Hello! Project fan!

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2009 Year in Review

31 12 2009

As it is the end of year, I take this time to reflect on all that I can remember about this year. There’s no way I can remember the sheer amount of things that happen over the course of like 350+ days unless it sticks out. And this will be an overview of what stuck out for me. The review is separated into early winter, spring, summer and fall/winter seasons. Long post, but that’s only because I have a lot to say about some things and I like writing a lot. By the by, those links sprinkled here and there are links to the relevant post I made over this year.

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Pucchi Best 10: The Year of Many Groups

18 12 2009

As the year draws close we remember all of the things that happened this year and look forward to what next year brings us. While, this is not my retrospective year end post, it will make up a portion of my look back as the Pucchi Best 10 album features one of the most shocking developments of the year.  The CORE groups / one soloist of Hello! Project 2009. I miss my Elder Club T___T...

Surprisingly, Hello! Project is really reduced to nearly this few girls.

That’s right, it was a big deal when it was announced… what just before summer? I’m talking about the revival of the sub-groups. Read more for my retrospective (you can call it a review too) for the album.

Warning… this is actually legitimately a long post, what with my required background check and all. Though if you are familiar with the sub-groups you may opt to skim/skip through it. I just felt like taking that stroll down memory lane ^___^. Also, do read the alternate text for images, as they contain some extra commentary.

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The Chronicles of Mitsuwa: Kago Ai Edition

24 11 2009

So, this past Sunday was a landmark in my life. I met the one and only, Kago Ai. Not only that, I shook her hand!! But I’ll leave the thoughts and coverage for another post as it is way too much for what I may want to say.

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[REVIEW] Morning Musume – Platinum 9 Disc

22 03 2009

Whoot! New Momusu album! ^.^
For a while I actually forgot that Cover You was technically not a REAL Momusu album. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Cover You, but now we’re off to serious business, Momusu’s 9th major album.

In short, I liked this. I liked most of the singles. And I liked most of the album songs. Read on for details.

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