Song of the Week 010 – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

19 02 2009

Well, I accidentally fell asleep and left my torrent on so my internet is going to get banned for a couple days. But that’s perfect, I suppose, considering I have exams and stuff to study for. This week, I thought long (roughly 10 minutes) and hard (I kept repeating the track before it would stop) about this week’s song. To celebrate the release of Buono! 2 this song of the week will be a song from there. To tell you the truth, I’m being really lazy and getting rid of my review for one of the tracks XD. This week’s song is Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! by Buono. Read the rest of this entry »


Song of the Week 009 – Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi

9 02 2009

Alas, I write a post! I am alive. To tell you the truth, I wanted to write but just didn’t for most of today. Well, I should say yesterday, since it is now Monday. I have a class in a little less than 7 hours. But I’m staying up listening to a live audio feed of COT4 since my roommate is there and he’s STILL in the running, so I feel like being a good roommate and listening and cheering him on. I know that has nothing to do with the song of this week. So without further adieu, this song is a song I’ve just been listening to a lot lately.

Buono’s “Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi” has been playing on repeat on Winamp a lot, over the past couple days.

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Song of the Week 008 – Macaroni

2 01 2009

I’m currently listening to “Macaroni” by Perfume, so I have chosen this song for #8 of my pseudo-review segment. I’ve recently gotten into Perfume so don’t be surprised this is actually the second Perfume song in such a short amount of time.

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Song of the Week 005 – Chocolate Disco

21 12 2008

I apologize for the missing song of the week last week. I had finals and the like so I didn’t have time to prepare the material. So to make up for the lack of posting, I will be posting a new Song of the Week everyday of this week (today being Sunday). Think of it as a Christmas present ^_^!

This “week” (Sunday I should say) we have a song that I have been listening to a lot lately, “Chocolate Disco” by Perfume. Honestly, I only recently started listening to Perfume and am actually currently watching some videos of them on Youtube. But here are my two cents.

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Song of the Week 004 – Flavor Of Life

7 12 2008


This week’s song is “Flavor of Life” by the one and only, Utada Hikaru. It’s a somewhat more recent song compared to the other songs I had been reviewing. It was released in early February and was extremely popular (then again most of Hikki’s songs are). The popularity can definitely be attributed to the fact that it was the insert song for the very popular drama, Hana Yori Dango 2. You know those drama songs… they get mad popular. But hey Hikki is big in Japan so it’s not wrong to discriminate on her. It’s certainly not wrong to discriminate on a good song either (unless you just don’t feel it is good to your ears, in which case never mind).

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Song of the Week 003 – poker face

27 11 2008

This week’s song is “poker face” by the J-pop queen and my personal favorite singer, Ayumi Hamasaki. Any fan of Ayumi Hamasaki will recognize ‘poker face’ as her official first single from Avex Trax. This song was released 10 years ago back in April. While, Ayumi was relatively unknown at the time, this song was one of the footsteps she took to dominating the J-pop industry.

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Song of the Week 002 – Go Go Heaven

21 11 2008

Here we are! The second installment of Song of the Week. This week’s song is “Go Go Heaven” by Speed. This song is actually another historical part of my musical evolution. I no longer listen to Speed and never really got into them anyway. But this song is important!

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