Refreshing Summer

15 07 2011

I actually just finished summer classes last week.           I wonder what these girls are like in school, for real.

School’s out! Summer has come, which can only mean one thing. Heat, absolute heat. It’s a hallmark of summer. I will come out and say that I am a person paranoid of extreme temperatures and significant changes in temperature. In fact, I highly dislike summer. I have a multitude of reasons why.


It’s hot, it’s too hot.

Fans are useful

And then when it rains, it hails instead or knocks out all your electronics because it’s a thunderstorm instead. Also there are too many tourists. I live in a city with 12 casinos! Just imagine the amount of tourists. What’s more, I live in a city next to the beach. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why Siggy, why don’t you just go to the beach and have a nice day?”

I would always go to the beach if this were the case.

“Why, I mean you can do all sorts of fun stuff at the beach like:

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to surf?              I would surf with Takahashi anytime...

Lounging around, sun-tanning,
Sun-tanning Sun-tanning the back
This would make me want to go to the beach... yep
Playing with balls.    God this is so hot.

Well I hear what you’re saying. But I have to admit, I’ve been to the beach several times and there’s nothing like this there. What’s more I don’t like how the sand gets all over you. Now I won’t show you what my beach is actually like because I’m ashamed of it, so we’ll just say bye to the beach.

“Well Siggy, what about the water? You could go swimming in a pool, there’s no sand there!”

Swim Nakky!

Why aren't the workers at my local pool like Airi?

I could but I happen to also be hydrophobic. I’m afraid of large bodies of water and I can’t swim. What a terrible fate to live on an island and be unable to swim. Alas, such is my fate. Makes one wonder how I’ll be able to one day live the trip to Japan. But I’ll wait for when the time comes in regards to that.

International Wota Summer Refreshment Program

Honestly, I don’t like the beach probably because I’m so used to it after living two blocks away from it for years. But I love my idols associated with the above. Who doesn’t? I mean, Airi and Takahashi  and ugh so good. As I had mentioned before I was interested in doing the Intlwota Summer Refreshment Program and here is my post sponsored by Intlwota. Read on for long long passages of text outlining the conspiracy about idols and summer.

Just kidding, read on for a fun summery article on something that I’ve noticed. Which really means it’s a conspiracy.

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Never Forget

13 08 2010

“Retcon”, it’s a word in my list of favorite words to use for no real reason. Though, when I say no real reason, I am usually (there are rare instances) using the word correctly. Actually I have a lot of words that I love using when there are simpler words that could’ve done the trick. But I digress.

Retroactive Continuity. The word, “retcon” is a portmanteau of retroactive continuity which simply means to alter established facts on purpose. Usually it is to clean up existing continuity or to correct for happenings that would cause a review of previous established continuity. Retconning as far as I know only applies to fictional works. I suppose for non-fiction works retconning would just be erasing or altering history. But retconning sounds SO much cooler than erasing history. Maybe we can make a new word … erastory, altestory? Nah, that doesn’t have a good ring to it.

So if you’ve gotten this far I will now proceed to the meat of the day. What I want to talk about today is: retconning in Hello! Project. You see the other day when the horses started neighing, thunder was striking all over the place, goldfishes around the world were swimming in figure eights, and pandas started walking into bars and shooting patrons and abruptly leaving before they paid their bills… So the other day, I was looking at this picture. And that’s when I decided I wanted to talk about retconning in Hello! Project.


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5th Year H!P Anniversary

16 01 2010

Throughout the latter part of my life I have seen many people celebrate anniversaries. So for today, I will indulge in celebrating an anniversary, to be more exact my 5th year anniversary of being a Hello! Project fan!

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Elder Club dropped like they’re hot.

21 10 2008

The Elder Club is hot (most of em, imo). But they’re being dropped soon. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. And if you are a wota and you like H!P in anyway, then you know already. If not, then I’m glad I was the first to inform you.

That entire group of girls right there will be graduating March 31st of the year 2009. Wow, that’s lot… about 25 girls (I did a quick count, I apologize if I’m off) are going to be “graduated”. From what I understand they’ll still be a part of UFA, maybe. Either that or they’ll continue their lives as stars in some way and others will just go back to a normal life (though that in itself will take time). Here’s my perspective on the big move as a whole.

Old Morning Musume members:

  • Nakazawa… the leader of all H!P, the commander in chief who wields 50+ girls at her disposal!!! Though I know she hasn’t really done much of anything in the past couple of years. It’s a really big shock to me. When I first saw Morning Musume on Hello! Morning, she was there. I remember Nakazawa Yuko as Morning Musume. It does sadden me to see her go.
  • Yaguchi Mari… my I love her too. She seems to be pretty set as a TV personality for now so she’s got something to do. Yasuda Kei is also acting in some things so she’s pretty set. Abe Natsumi, the face of Morning Musume no more… for many years now and maybe now she can be the face of herself or the face of some other group/record label. She really hasn’t been doing much lately anyway.
  • Oddly enough I don’t see Mikitty up there^… But she hasn’t been doing much lately either (I believe she’s doing a Grease musical right now?). Love her voice, so let’s see if she’ll continue singing.
  • Yossie and Ishikawa are doing Hangry and Angry (which I need to look into soon) and I guess it’s a one-shot deal if they’re going to be graduating in like half a year. H!P is really famous for all these one-shot groups. Yossie has got her own tv show though, so I think she’ll still stick around and do stuff. And Ishikawa, well she has a lot of fans so I don’t see her stopping for anything.
  • Iida and Tsuji are busy being mothers. Maybe they will come back and do something but for now I’d count them out of it.
  • Ogawa was pretty much already gone. I never really identified with her anyway. Konno, awww I liked Konno. Now she can go and completely focus on her studies I guess.

And the others:

  • Melon Kinenbi… hahahaha they…. yea….I don’t really listen to them. So I can’t say much. I will admit I have a softspot for Megumi’s glasses. So I hope to see her wearing her glasses someday again. ^_^
  • Inaba Atsuko does about as much as Ayaka has in the past years before Ayaka even stopped doing stuff.
  • Maeda Yuki doesn’t do much either, she may just become an obscure enka singer.
  • ex-Biyuuden… I was amused to hear the idea that Yui should become a gravure idol from another blog. But that sure would make a lot of sense, I have to admit. Erika can keep singing… somewhere.
  • Matsuura Aya, I definitely want to see her continuing entertainment. I really like Ayaya. She’s cool.
  • Ongaku Gatas: I can see Satoda Mai graduating. But just like everyone else, I’d be confused about the eggs graduating too. They haven’t been given that much time but I guess it’s time for Tsunku to axe the eggs.

I wonder why the sudden move to graduate everyone. I guess it makes sense since half of (if not 3/4) the Elder Club is sitting around doing nothing. I’m sure it’s a ploy to squeeze some sales. Or maybe it has something to do with the economy? (Hah, I hope not).

The one thing that really irks me is… This means Takahashi will now be receiving the black uniform that Nakazawa once donned. Takahashi, the star of the 5th generation of Morning Musume is now… not only the leader of Morning Musume, the flagship group of Hello! Project, but now she’s the commander in chief of all of Hello! Project. Hah, that means my love, Gaki-san is vice. Hopefully this is a good move. I hope this will give some more quality to the big three groups of H!P (Berryz, C-ute, and Morning Musume). Admittedly, I only recently started getting into the H!P kids. And hell, they’re really not kids anymore, in a matter of a couple more years they may as well just be Morning Musume’s sisters.

On another sidenote, this HAS to mean Takahashi has to be the face of Hello! Project now. She’s gotten so much special treatment for this moment. She’s either going solo sometime soon or she’s going to be stuck in Morning Musume. Not that I mind. I like her so no problem with me.

But I will miss the old days and the fact that those old days are going away now. But not all change is bad right? I hope so.

Congratulations to all and I hope their life after H!P is successful and prosperous!

~Siggy, who felt compelled to write this post after joining wotachat~